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Welcome to the official site of Requiem Guild...
Before you register please read THIS.

[US] Requiem
Leader: Pure
Co-Leader: Panda | Zenchi(Retired from KH) | Emperor

Recruiting: Level 120... Active in KW and Braveries... Able to follow directions well... Please contact one of the above.

"ODERINT DUM METUANT" - Let them hate so long as they fear.


Guild News

KH guild leadership discussion.

MPure, Sep 13, 10 1:02 AM.
Guild leadership/Discussion, please drop by.  (Kingdom heroes)

[US] Kingdom War News July 21

lordzenchi, Jul 21, 10 9:50 PM.
Congrats to all and good job! Our city is now level 3. Dongjun city controlled by "Elders" Guild has hit lvl 4... Let's get ours to level 5 before them. Continue donating those mats! Here is the list of materials that we need...

Please put these materials in the guild bank so we can upgrade our city...

Tier 1 Materials...
Coal Ore
Rattan Branch

Light Hide

Tier 2 Materials...

Lead Ore

Superior Hide

Tier 3 Materials...

Sulphur Ore

Heavy Pelt

The green named ones are gatherable via craft nodes found in the zone... the other ones are obtained by grinding.

We have a couple people that are closely grinding up to 120... keep leveling!

[US] Kingdom War News July 17

lordzenchi, Jul 18, 10 8:22 PM.
Hello everyone... these past couple days have been very eventful for our guild...

I would like to get it started by saying "Welcome to RQ!" to our many many new members from all different guilds (and nations ) to Requiem. We look forward to many more new faces/names to come in the near future for our guild.

Currently our guild is ranked at Guild Power Rank #1... congrats to all. Keep leveling and doing those bravery quest! Let's hold our ranking and try to get higher on that bravery point listing for guilds...

Also for those who haven't noticed we now have full +10 bags in our guild bank...

Now on to our guilds current project... as you may have noticed in the guild announcement we are asking for donation of all Tiers of Materials for upgrading our city. So far we have a level 2 Statue/gate and a level 2 Traps/etc... Keep donating those mats and let's get the city upgraded even more!

Last KW with the truce agreement between our 2 nations we have completely dominated Wei... there are no green flags to be seen in the map...

Keep up the good work and stay active... cya guys/girls in chat and in-game!

[US] Kingdom War News July 14

lordzenchi, Jul 15, 10 4:27 AM.
Good job to everyone that participated on today's KW... we have continued to hold Runan now for 2 consecutive KWs (tho we did lose it mid-KW )... let's continue to stay active in all aspects of our guild.

We recently hit level 5 and now have an Eagle Catapult... soon we will be buying another (funds allowing). I have used it during the KW and its good for taking down statues extremely fast...

Despite majority of our nation getting dominated by Shu... we with our union continue to hold our own against our enemies. Continue to grind and level up... upgrade/enchant those equips(it helps alot)... Join us during BH hunts to help you make gold!

Don't be afraid to just drop by and say hello... there are alot of friendly people in the guild.

Need advice on builds or etc for ur class? Ask one of our many 120s ^_^...

Grats to our most recent 120s... TaiMaiShu.

We are continuously searching and recruiting for active KW players to join the guild... if you think you got what it takes come talk to us... the info is above!

Welcome to Requiem's Official Website...

lordzenchi, Jul 12, 10 11:51 AM.
While this site is still in the works feel free to contribute to stuff here, stop by to say hello, add guides, and etc...
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